Get Organized Today & Stay Organized Tomorrow!

Working with a Certified Professional Organizer® who understands the challenges
you have can make tasks less difficult. With techniques in decision making, sorting,
categorizing, letting go, meeting goals and accountability you will be able to simplify your
daily routines to get organized and stay organized. Organization and time management are
not just one time events that are achieved, they are processes that require ongoing

What's going on that you need help with?
  • Clearing the clutter
  • Stopping procrastinating
  • Getting to meetings and appointments on time
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Working on your office
  • Getting your house ready to sell
  • Being a role model for children
  • Taking time to breathe and relax

Clutter Control Angels® provides you with the processes, tools and systems you
need towards successfully organizing.
We work towards achieving your goals in all
areas of organizing for your life, home and business. Through a variety of resources, you will
learn to prioritize, use your time more effectively and develop a customized, organized and
uncluttered environment.

Life is too valuable running around feeling as though you have no time, are too stressed
or going from one appointment to the next. By being organized you create more time, space,
and energy in your life for the people and things that matter most to you.

With your Clutter Control Angels Certified Professional Organizer® you can get
organized in all areas of your life, home and business.

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Hoarding Syndrome:  
When Too Much is Not Enough
Holly Graff, a local certified professional
organizer, helps those with hoarding issues get
their situation under control before it's too late
PROJECT Organizing Euclid TEAM
Many thanks to my colleague organizers,
friends and daughter!
A successful event organizing a house in need!
Donations - over 14 large plastic bags
Trash - over 18 trash bags
See before and after photos
True Stories...
Holly did a wonderful job!
She helped me with the boxes and boxes of financial paperwork during my divorce.  She came
and sat with me twice all day on a Saturday and organized the papers and was able to put
together the paper trail.  I am forever grateful to her.  I recommend every woman have an
organizer help them with their paperwork while married and not leave it to the spouse/ wait until
divorcing.  Please don't learn the hard way!  She was invaluable!  Thank you again!  
I've been able to keep fairly well-organized since with her system.

Holly, thank you so much for making such a tremendous difference in my life!
I remember how helpless and ashamed I was and it feels like I’m such a different person now,
but it is an impulse-based struggle I have to fight on a continuous basis.  
I’ve caught some of the episodes on Hoarders and it breaks my heart to see people
so deeply entrenched in hoarding.
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Channel 10
Hoarders Shine Light
Holly Graff offered this advice to those
trying to take control of clutter