Simplify your life!
Don’t waste the years struggling for things that
are unimportant.
Don’t burden yourself with possessions.
Keep your needs and wants simple and enjoy
what you have…
Don’t destroy your peace of mind by looking back,
worrying about the past.
Live in the present; enjoy the present. Simplify!
~Henry Davie Thoreau, Walden
Organizing Your Life

Setting up a Life-Management Center
What's important in your life? Is it family, friends or stuff? Remember what's
important to you.
Time goes by too quickly, so don't miss those important times with family and
Don't let "stuff" get in the way.
It's time to simply, reduce the stress and eliminate overwhelm and gain
control to manage your life.

Time Management Systems
Do you plan your week or does your week plan you?
Are you on time for work, appointments and other events?
Do you lose track of time and wonder where the day went?
Are you on the fast track but find yourself drowning in unfinished projects?
It's time to gain focus and grasp the concept of time on what's important and
what's not.

Paper, Mail and Filing Systems
Is your mail taking over your desk, counter tops and other furniture?
Can you find papers when you need them?  
Who said it would be a "paperless society" anyway?
It's time to set up a stream-lined system to reduce and eliminate that paper.

Planner/Organizer Basics
Do you use a planner (calendar or PDA) on a consistent basis?
Do you check your planner the day before to be prepared?
Are you looking at your planner throughout the day?
Perhaps you use more that one planner or calendar?
It's time to find the planner/calendar/PDA/Smart Phone that works for you.

Important Documents
Protect yourself from identity theft by taking simple precautions.
Do you know what to keep and how long to keep it?
Do you have your important papers safe-guarded?
It's time to be able to find all those important papers for you and your family.   

Organizing Coach
Are you dealing with the same problems day in and day out?
Are you stressed and overwhelmed with paper, stuff and clutter?
Do you wish you had someone to help you achieve your organizing goals?
As your Organizing Coach you will have support and services for reaching
your goals and turning dreams into reality.
Life Management Organization

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