Technology, electronics and paper, oh my!
A guide for recycling, donations, e-waste...

RECYCLING RESOURCES                      
What is electronic waste?
  • Televisions, Computers, Monitors and Other Items w/ CRTs
  • Computer-related Electronics (i.e. key boards, laptops, mice, disk drives, printers)
  • Brown Goods (larger, non portable electronics; microwaves, stereos, VCRs, DVD
  • Other small consumer electronics (portable non-computer related electronic; PDAs,
    cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras)
  • Batteries (all types of batteries, including dry cell and lead acid)

Why recycle?
Most consumer electronics contain valuable materials like copper, gold and zinc, which can
and should be recycled.  Increasing the recycling rate of all electronic devices is not only
imperative for protecting public health, but also for conserving natural resources. The
challenge for California and the rest of the planet is educating consumers, developing a
convenient infrastructure and covering the costs.

Where can you safely dispose of your used electronic goods?
Goodwill retail stores and attended donation sites are accepting small used flatscreen TV's,
laptop computers, computer monitors and cell phones (in any condition). These items
contain hazardous materials that require special care for disposal.

Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery -
Locations for drop-off in Victor, Canandaigua, Fairport, Pittsford, Shortsville, Brighton (NY)
Small fees for tube TV's. Call for information 585-924-3840.

Best Buy Recycling
Products - Recycle these items Free
Limit three items per household per day.
   - DirecTV Set-Top Box/Converters
   - DVD/Blu-ray Players
   - Headphones*
   - In-Dash/Overhead DVD
   - Internet TV Set-Top Box/Satellite Receivers
   - Portable DVD*, Portable Media Players
   - Projectors
   - Remotes/Surge Protectors
   - TiVO
   - TV Antennas
   - VCRs
   - Wall Mounts

Products Best Buy Recycle for a
$25 Fee per Item
Limit two TVs per household per day.
   - Tube TVs smaller than 32"
   - Flat Panel TVs: LCD, Plasma, LED
   smaller than 50"

Home Depot
Recycling Centers

Cell Phones
Cell Phones for Soldiers: Donate your old cell phones for free talk time for our soldiers
(serving all branches of the US Military), they provide free postage-paid mailers.

Earth911: Making every day Earth Day. Recycling centers and other information.

Eyeglasses Recycling
Lions Club

Hazardous Waste
These are materials that are know or tested to exhibit one or more of the following four
hazardous traits:
Ignitability (flammable), Reactivity, Corrosivity, Toxicity
Check with your city/town or waste management company, they can tell you where to take
them or if they have a pick up.

Prescriptions/Old Medicines
Contact your drug store or hospital for the next drop off date.
Contact your town/city office.  Many have drop-off boxes.

Do NOT flush down the toilet - this contaminates the water supply!
American Cancer Society


Goodwill  Donations are accepted at most Goodwill retail stores
& trailer sites  

Saints Place (Pittsford, NY)

Salvation Army  1-800-SA-TRUCK

United Breast Cancer Research Foundation 800-788-6444

United Cancer Research Society 800-443-4224

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