Feedback and Reviews from Clients

"I have exciting news, I just bought my first house!  I've been focusing on downsizing my craft supplies, I look at "things" very differently
now.  I want to tell you about a turning point in my family because of the hard work you went through to help me.  I do slip into my old
habits from time to time, but nothing that takes more than 15 minutes to remedy.
Additionally, when I had my nieces help me change out my winter clothes for my summer clothes, they asked if I would help them with
their closets. Surprisingly, the 5 year old is the most driven to get things organized.
I’ve been very honest with my whole family about how much help I needed from you and my circle of friends, and that makes them feel
better about it. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how far I’ve come since the first time you came to my house. I never would have
believed it possible!"
CA (Fair Oaks)
"Thank you for your professional assistance in the design and ultimate implementation of the "Plan" to be able to get my office
organized to support my company and professional needs.  Holly, you truly showed an understanding of the client's requirements
and expectations as demonstrated in the finished "product". I'm a believer that one can't change their "destination" overnight but your
insight certainly allowed me to change "direction overnight so that I could at least start moving towards the ultimate destination of a
more efficient work place."
Robert (Gold River), Business Owner & Consultant
"Thank you for all your help in organizing my financial and retirement papers. We went through 10 boxes of paperwork and you knew
how to sort it all out and set up folders. I have a lot of confidence now and can keep my house and IRA's. I appreciate all your help and
will let others know of your services."
Patricia (Carmichael), State Employee
"I was a skeptic. I figured that I could get my office organized if I set my mind to it. That may be true, I just never got around to setting
my mind to it I guess. Holly came into our office and set up organizational systems that let me get at the important things, and get the
unimportant things off my desk. Besides exterminating the dust bunnies behind my monitor, she even sanitized my keyboard. I feel
much more productive since her visit. More importantly, I feel like I can keep it under control with the systems Holly put in place. I’d
recommend her services to anyone who works in an office."
Mike (El Dorado Hills), Web Design & Business Applications Development
"Our first organizing session was jammed packed with really useful information and insight. You were the most helpful organizer I've
ever met with and I look forward to meeting with you again soon. You were patient, kind, confidential and non-judgemental and you
motivated me to get more done than ever before. After our walk through of my office and home, you emphasized the positive and give
me your thoughts on how to work quickly, efficiently, and realistically.

What really helped me the most is that you gave me very practical and extremely useful advice of how to work on my own with a
tailored plan that fits my personal habits. Also, it was great, that you gave me tips on how to get organized with what I have instead of
suggesting that I buy all kinds of new gizmos that would only delay the clean-up process.

You really know your stuff and you are a shining example of someone who is organized and efficient and yet at the same time upbeat
and compassionate. That is a rare combination.

I realized I could not afford to lose any more time and your work with me was invaluable."
Dana (Sacramento) Business Owner
"I am very pleased with your organizing and ideas for my office. This not only works for the office but I find it most helpful for other
rooms in our home.  I liked your idea for "like" items to be placed together, putting items away after use and last but not least -
spending a few minutes each day organizing my office. Thanks so very much!"
Jo (Yuba City)
The longer I battled depression, the worse my apartment looked.  It had become a chaotic, cluttered mess.  The extra bedroom had
been my mother's room up until her death four years ago, and it had become a catch-all.  I never opened my blinds in any room of my
apartment because I didn't want anyone to see inside my apartment.  I quit having guests, even family, visit me at home.  I lost hope
in ever having a better life; I was always overwhelmed.

The moment that I met Holly, it was as though an angel reached out to me without judgment or ridicule for the way I'd been existing.  
We toured my messy apartment, she gently asked me questions about the things I was hanging onto, especially to determine my
emotions and the feelings I'd attached to way too many things.  By the end of our assessment appointment, she gave me some
homework assignments to work on - baby steps to get me to a more positive place - and some clutter and cleaning tips.  She told me
inexpensive ways to store and sort items that I needed to keep.

Holly helped me and my friends get control over the chaos in my apartment, go through all of the things I'd had in storage for more
than 5 years, and continued support, encouragement, and little assignments to help me change my pack rat ways.  She truly is an
angel.  She put me at ease immediately and watched over me to make sure I wasn't getting overwhelmed by having several people
working with me in limited spaces.  She helped me recognize what things I should keep and what types of things I could get rid of
without emotional consequences. Weekend after weekend, and anytime she had some spare time, she rolled up her sleeves and
helped me clean and reorganize the things I needed to keep. She helped me get my footing so I could break old habits and replace
them with more positive habits.  She made suggestions, helped rearrange furniture, etc.  

She still keeps in touch with me for encouragement and to hear about my progress.  And a few weeks ago, I finally opened all the
blinds and windows in my apartment - for the first time in more than four years."
Cheri (Fair Oaks)
"Holly is one of the most organized people I know. She has a great work ethic and very responsive to customer needs."
Teri  (Folsom), Teacher
"I am so grateful for your time with me. I do feel that your visit was an answer to prayer for me. You have all the right "stuff" in your heart
to help the "unorganized among us" to succeed. Thank you more than words can express for your encouragement."  
Ginger (El Dorado Hills)
"I want to thank you for the wonderful fresh look for my home. The transition is amazing. Now I really feel its "me". Thanks also for the
friendship - you are a very warm, funny and generous soul. Angels are watching over you!"  
Dianne (Rocklin), Nurse
"My husband and I have moved 5 times in the past 4 years. Each move I've just boxed things up and held on to them. I knew I'd
probably never even unpack before our next move. We're getting ready to move again (the last time I hope!). I decided to call Clutter
Control Angels so I could go through all of my boxes and not take "junk and old stuff" I didn't need.
Holly and I spent a day in my garage. I didn't know where we would even start, Holly did and the end result was awesome. No more
old stuff weighing me down, Holly labeled everything so I know where things are. I love showing my friends and family, I've never
gotten compliments on my garage before."
Becky (Shingle Springs), Business Manager
"Your visit was very helpful. I loved your timer idea. I thought you had good ideas for storage containers, wonderful focus and your
willingness to kick off your shoes and jump in."   
Susan (Yuba City)
"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me get organized and clutter free.  Knowing now where everything is and how to
find it has eliminated the gnawing sense of anxiety that use to hover over me throughout the day. You are an ANGEL!"
Machen (Grass Valley), Business & Life Success Coach
"Holly took on the difficult task of managing hundreds of volunteers. She made sure that volunteers knew where they were supposed
to be, when they were supposed to be there and what they were doing. This was an enormous undertaking and she did a fabulous
job as always. You are the most organized person I know."
Flo (Elk Grove), Intel Corp.
"Thank you so much Holly! I would be lost without you...well actually, I would be knee-deep in stuff! Having just graduated from
college, I really needed amazing organizational skills. I can actually walk down my hallways! I'm sure my dog appreciates it too. Thank
you so much for everything - mission complete!"
Jessica (San Jose), Recent College Graduate
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