Organizing Tips and Helpful Hints
(hint, hint...start now!)

*When you have less clutter to worry about you have more time to pursue the things
that bring you the greatest happiness and satisfaction.

idea of clutter is overwhelming but the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll
achieve your goal. Getting started is truly the most difficult first step.
Start now!

*Take baby steps - start with a section of a desk, drawer, desktop, or area of a closet. A
small area is easier to handle.

Keep it simple!  Don't make organizing difficult. Find simple strategies, systems and tools
that work for you and use them on a regular basis.

*Pick a project.  Each day do a project that will take only 10 or 15 minutes -- clean out a junk
drawer, file some papers, delete 10 email messages.

There is no one right way to get organized. There are many different solutions so use
the one that works for you and stick with it (you don't have to change every time a new one
comes around).

The process of organizing helps you figure out what's important to you. Knowing this
can help to simplify your life.

Appointments: Always call ahead to confirm. Check your planner in the evening, morning
and throughout the day.

Use ONE planner. Whatever works for you - planner, calendar or phone. It's too difficult
managing more than one.

Make lists and take notes: Who can remember everything to do without writing it down.
Keep a small notebook to consolidate all your to-do lists, phone calls, follow up, sticky-notes
and thoughts. Use color highlighters to check off when completed.

What area(s) do you need to get organized?
Life: Time management, mail & paperwork, procrastination, staying on task, completing
Home: Home office, closets & cabinets, garages, other rooms
Business: Office, filing, paper & computer management
Make a list and start tackling them today one small step at a time.

*Stop paper before it starts. Open your mail near the recycle container and shredder, and
immediately dump all junk mail before it ends up on the counter or table. Go through it each
day.  Sort, toss, act on or file!
Ongoing - Being organized is an ongoing process              
Reality - The reality of being organized is for life
Giving - The art of giving has value when you donate to others
Answers - Listen to your answers in: Is it time to let it go?
Now - Now is the time to start; take small steps and begin today
Interesting - Make it interesting & innovative with color, variety & fun
Zoo - It's a zoo out there with all that clutter, paper & stuff!
Every - Remember what's important every day - family & friends
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Organizing Tips and Helpful Hints

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